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Rental Packages

2 Days Flyboard or Hoverboard or Jetpack 400,00 €
2 Days Two of the Above 700,00 €
2 Days All of the Above 900,00 €
1 Week Flyboard or Hoverboard or Jetpack 800,00 €
1 Week Two of the Above 1.400,00 €
1 Week All of the Above 2.000,00 €
1 Month Flyboard or Hoverboard or Jetpack 1.600,00 €
1 Month Two of the Above 2.500,00 €
1 Month All of the Above 3.400,00 €

Services Included

  • All Packages Include the Installation Equipment.
  • The Installation to your Jet Ski is not included
  • Pickup of Products from our Site.
  • Training is not Included.
  • VAT is not Included.

Rental terms & Conditions

  • Pilots must be over 16, in good health and able to swim.
  • Pilots must be between 50Kg to 130Kg.
  • Pilots must wear protective helmet and buoyancy jacket.
  • Anyone considered to be intoxicated by alcohol, drug or other substances will be refused access to the Flyboard and refunds will not be given.
  • If you have asthma or diabetes, please inform your instructor and keep your medicine close by, when fly-boarding.
  • You cannot use Flyboard / Hoverboard units if you have heart problems or pregnant.
  • Booking are subjects to availability.
  • You must wear the equipment provided and follow the instructor guidance at all time.
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